I Made This While Stuck In Traffic On Interstate 95 by Beverage.

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Driving home from Cape Cod to Virginia was a terribly long trip, it took me eleven hours. Traffic conditions were fantastic for so long! We had no trouble at all until we finally made it to Washington DC and suddenly all halted. Ian and I were so frustrated he asked me if I still had to do a song for the day, which I did, and suggested we just yell a bunch and make that the song. So in short, that's what we did. I added a bit of keyboard to it to make this more classified as a "song" as opposed to "venting about traffic." So go on, kick back, listen to me complain about wanting to die, and then our yelling among other noisemaking.

Made with Ian and I yelling into a mic on my mp3 player, a casiotone keyboard. Download this track here





On 20th of August, 2010, ubey said: "mr bungle stylz!!!"