Brake Fluid and Litter; One Causes The Other by Beverage.

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Here's something a little different I guess. The title is a bit morbid, but I figured I can push the envelope especially after "The Mute On His Deathbed And His Absent Minded Interpreter" which I wrote intending to be a cruel joke - "What do you get when you cross a mute on his deathbed and an absent minded interpreter? Improvisation!" It was a reference to the improvised nature of the track... this one... well I'm not sure, it was just a whim I suppose.

I write too much here don't I?

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On 4th of August, 2010, seb said: "No worries mate! Have a good holiday :)"

On 3rd of August, 2010, Beverage said: "Hey Lazerscale friends! I've sort of broken my update schedule and will not be uploading for another two weeks. I apologize for that but rest assured that I am STILL writing tracks. I have not given up on Lazerscale2010, but have gone on vacation to New England. I will begin uploading my two to three weeks worth of tracks I've written on vacation when I return home on the 14th or 15th of August. Thanks for understanding!"