Clairvoyance Among Other Unhappy Truths by Beverage.

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Loud is good, listen to this somewhat loud.

Today's song is particularly strange. I spent a long while exploring some more soundscape like things which I really liked and found played well with some of the tones I developed overtop of it all. But then came in samples of me scratching the top of a snare drum, whistling, and other such nonsense; things got rather odd... in a good way I think. Needless to say I had an excellent time writing this. I feel like the ending could have been developed further, or even changed to add another verse or something. Ah well, that's part of this project anyway... being forced to leave with incomplete ideas that you both love and fear.

Made with Korg DS-10, Some extra reverb, samples of me whistling, a snare drum. Download this track here