Globally Speaking, It's Not Very Cold Outside by Beverage.

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I have a couple more days to catch up on yet. Think of my lazerscale2010 project as a piece of stock. You bought my stock, it went down in value, but it's slowly growing. Eventually, you'll have more money (songs) than you know what to do with. I suggest donating to charity, or me. It's been a long few hours of solid music writing. A lot of this Lazerscale stuff I'd never release (like this for example), but I find it interesting to listen and upload anyway - just goes to show where you come from with your extended ideas. Look at all that we toss out. We are so creativity wasteful.

Made with LSDJ, because I suck.. Download this track here





On 6th of January, 2010, rei yano said: "you mean it was made with lsdj cuase you rule. ;)"