Photographed Post-Petrification by Beverage.

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I have a certain thing for reading over music, it always sounds interesting to have bland monotonous voices overtop of layers of changing notes. Perhaps you share the same strange interest? Maybe. By the end of this, I had to use my nose to press the buttons on the sampler, and used my foot to play the notes heard from Masterstroke DS. As an added note, there goes the "three day hump" people talk about in ditching an addiction. Hopefully it also applies in starting one? We'll see. Happy lazerscale, friends.

Made with Circuitbent Casiotone CT-310, circuitbent "Groovy Tunes" keyboard, Pixelh8 Master Stroke DS, samples from myself reading "Catcher in the Rye," my young cousin babbling, and a small clip from some movi. Download this track here





On 6th of January, 2010, J. Arcadia said: "I too share this interest. Are you familiar with Brighter Death Now and/or other Cold Meat Industry acts? "