Look Me Up In A Thesaurus by Beverage.

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Who needs a tracker? All of this track is composed live, an improv session for the day. I must say, I wish I had more than two hands, it is very difficult to operate all of this hardware at once, especially when I play two keyboards at a time. Composing this has left me rather tired, thanks for listening.

Made with Circuitbent "Groovy Tunes" keyboard, circuitbent "Casiotone CT-310" keyboard, circuitbent Speak and Spell sequencer, Roland SP-404 sampler. Download this track here





On 1st of June, 2011, titShouch said: "Take a look at this - don't is expert site? I believe so. hdt6dsj"

On 31st of January, 2010, Mr Grub Esq said: "This track is really "frikkin" great. The warbling tones give it a retro-futuristic feel which is just lovely."

On 7th of January, 2010, Beverage said: "Hahaha, I must be a crazy sight to see. It would be a load of fun to do something circuitbent live, but there's such a small group of people that are into that sort of thing, getting that lined up would be impossible. In any case, thanks for the kind words, there's something to be said for playing with other body parts - I've been known to play using feet and my nose on various occasions where hands are occupied."

On 6th of January, 2010, J. Arcadia said: "Kudos on recording this live! I do think however that some of the track is lost in not being able to watch the performance. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely a great peice of work but seeing this performed live with all your bent circuitry on stage, conquering your inability to summon an addition hand, would complete this track."