Hallucinogens Hidden As Common Food Items by Beverage.

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The alloted building period for the F.I.R.S.T. season is almost at a close. On a related note it is becoming more and more difficult for me to complete these tracks at a decent hour, I'm now staying up late to work and am uploading past midnight. So tired...

Made with NES + reverb + some speech from an episode of "Look Around You". Download this track here





On 23rd of February, 2010, petrepan said: "makes me think of summer jungles at first. liked the beginning the best--right when it got slot it got boring for me because it was just TOO long for the notes to wait. and then it got fast again and i wanted to download it again, so all in all it was a tough decision which to do!"

On 21st of February, 2010, r.domain said: "This one's nice and chaotic. I like!"