A Wave of Ice Advances, I Have Written a Novel You Will Never Read by Beverage.

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So I sat down today and began thinking about how I was going to work on Lazerscale this morning, and came across the M4G Tracker rom I forgot I had. There's a bit of a learning curve to getting this tracker to work exactly how you want, but man is it powerful. I'm rambling now... How is your day?

Made with M4G Tracker version 0.74a_PR + reverb. Download this track here





On 18th of February, 2010, lazerbeat said: "sweet, this is really nice man. Props for smikers tracker."

On 17th of February, 2010, smiker said: ":') i love it man. Makes me quake my body and pull my hair up. "

On 17th of February, 2010, cheapshot said: "excellent stuff here. sounds like ice melting in a glacier. First track I've heard made on M4G actually."