The Monastery by J. Arcadia.

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To date I've produced 29 songs, but given how long it took me to upload 024 just before I think this will be my last submission for today

Made with Ableton Live / Reason. Download this track here





On 12th of March, 2010, BadKonexx said: "You do some awesome work man"

On 17th of February, 2010, ubey said: "yeh man, this track is really lovely"

On 17th of February, 2010, J. Arcadia said: "Thank you both VERY much for the kind comments. It means more than you know "

On 15th of February, 2010, Beverage said: "I have listened to this like seven times now. Amazing, one of my favorite songs from all of Lazerscale."

On 14th of February, 2010, r.domain said: "Deep. Almost heavenly type vibe to it."