Domesticated Housecats Wouldn't Last In The Wild by Beverage.

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Do not listen to this, you will not like it. A lame little track written using nothing but drums - much like yesterday's song, this is an experiment with 5/4 time.

Made with LGPT. Download this track here





On 13th of February, 2010, cTrix said: "They also said LOLcats wouldn't last on the Web. You just never know. Cool sound bank on the main drums :-]"

On 11th of February, 2010, lazerbeat said: "This is wild."

On 9th of February, 2010, petre said: "HA! I stick my tongue out at you, for I both listened to it and found it entertaining. It fit the name, and could be the soundtrack to a youtube video."

On 8th of February, 2010, r.domain said: "I wouldn't say it's that bad really. I enjoy odd time signatures and craziness. I wouldn't have thought it was only drum sounds."