State of Emergency, Snowmageddon! by Beverage.

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I live in the mid-Atlantic United States and we've been having an abnormal year for snow. Things began with one small snow of an inch or two, then suddenly a blizzard smashed us with twenty inches. This was followed by a smaller storm which brought along six inches and now its snowing again and we're expected to get another twenty inches - maybe more. The state government has issued a "state of emergency" for as far as our borders go, which is pretty amazing. I've been hearing the word "Snowmageddon" tossed around lately and I must say it goes well with this whole "state of emergency" our governor has called. Oh look at that, it's snowing right now.

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On 7th of February, 2010, petre said: "AWESOME love the speed and how the sounds work together--this one would be a great one to perform some time. it FEELS like an emergency, and snow."

On 6th of February, 2010, r.domain said: "I like it. Crazy melodies abound. I'm trying to picture a mad game that this would go with. haha."