The Last Of The Island Kings by Beverage.

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One of my goals with Lazerscale was to learn the Piano. I feel like I'm learning, but I'm really not paying much attention to how I play - I'm probably learning something but Lord knows if I'm actually doing anything right.

Made with LGPT, Circuitbent "Groovytunes" Keyboard with Reverb. Download this track here





On 4th of February, 2010, r.domain said: "Well my vote goes to the last part :)"

On 4th of February, 2010, petre said: "if learning the piano is really one of your goals, i have a really good book you can borrow...they take you through techniques and music theory, too. by the way, luv this song, and downloaded it. you're getting more and more genius with this. the ending sound made me depressed, though..."