A Silent World Ruled By The Semicolon by Beverage.

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More snow, huh. More than this area has seen in years. I appreciate the days off. ;

Made with Circuitbent Casiotone CT-310, Roland SP-404 sampler, LSDJ. Download this track here





On 12th of November, 2010, 1704 said: "Very nice."

On 5th of July, 2010, spd said: "An ambient(ish) chiptune isn't something you'd expect to ever hear. Love it."

On 4th of February, 2010, petre said: "your titles are always absolutely genius in beauty. i have a book that needs a title, wanna help? j/k XD what does this title mean, to you?"

On 3rd of February, 2010, r.domain said: "I like the use of noise and the machine drone type sounds. Very cool."