Someday I'll Look Back And Hate This Song (I Hate Breakcore Remix) by J. Arcadia.

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A remix of Beverage's song "Someday I'll Look Back And Hate This Song" ( )

Made with Ableton Live. Download this track here





On 15th of February, 2010, J. Arcadia said: "R, I updated the Wave with a tip I hope you find helpful. Should help get things started."

On 3rd of February, 2010, r.domain said: "Pretty cool Justin. I'll have to have a read up of some advanced breakcore techniques. I don't generally use it but it could come in handy. Feel free to throw me some tips :)"

On 2nd of February, 2010, Beverage said: "I laughed so hard I quite nearly fell out of my chair. You're the best."