BRK, the Kharlan Story by Beverage.

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I know, memes and all, but I couldn't resist adding a recording of myself saying BRK. If Derris-Kharlan ever had a biography written on him, it would probably be titled like this.

Made with LSDJ, Circuitbent GroovyTunes keyboard, Roland Sampler, oh and "break" I guess.. Download this track here





On 24th of January, 2010, petre said: "I liked the underlying tune, but the background "crrrsshsssh" sounds kinda killed it for me--they were "too much" and didn't say to me what the rest of the sounds did. kinda like how you feel about rap interjected in the middle of songs, is how i felt about that sound."

On 21st of January, 2010, derris-fakelan said: "BRK"