Beware, A Metaphor Approaches! (Street Performing!) by Beverage.

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Improv session on a street corner done by some friends and I. A grand time was had by all, busking is great.

Made with Saxophone, Trumpet, Drum Set. Download this track here





On 31st of January, 2010, J. Arcadia said: "Hell yeah this is killer. Next time you guys street-perform give Gill Scott Herron a call to join in."

On 20th of January, 2010, Beverage said: "I was on the drum set, which only contained a bass drum, hi-hat, and snare - couldn't fit much else in the car. The sax player and trumpet players were pretty much awesome people - they do a good job of masking my poor playing ability. The recording is actually from a video camera which I set up with an external mic and the lens cap on which I later used to rip the audio track. It's surprising that the sound turned out this decent, I managed to get a few tracks out of the whole thing and will upload some of the others later."

On 20th of January, 2010, lazerbeat said: "Nice change of pace what were you playing?"